Big Monsta Uses an Old Sound to Scare Up a New Music Scene

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Remember the name Jimmy Hua if you're one of those weirdos that follows Orange County DIY music, because something tells us, that in some way shape or form, Jimmy Hua is going to be right at the main nerve of anything you might call the OC Music Scene within the next 18 months.

And it will all lead back to 2013, the year 22-year-old Huntington Beach native said fuck it all, and went all-in doing music, quitting his cashier job at Flame Broiler after figuring out he could make as much money, and probably a lot of more, doing freelance engineering for local indie bands at the MAPS studio on the industrial west side of HB, where he's holed up every night he's not at Detroit Bar learning his way around a soundboard.

"I had a crossroads type of incident where, you know, whether I wanted to choose full time school or music," says Hua. "I was undecided after 2 and a half years at [CSU] Long Beach and I realized I didn't have a passion for school."

Hua is best known as the frontman guitarist of Big Monsta, a classic blues-rock power trio that's been around since his high school days, and has been steady gigging Beach City local clubs for the past year or so. The band plays stripped-down blues rock, taking its cues from bands like The Black Keys, and even more so, the White Stripes, with Hua's nasal-growl tenor, and his raw-yet-refined Gibson SG riffage.

"I really look up to his work ethic," Hua says in admiration of White. "He's a purist and a really good musician in the studio. One of the things I learned this year about the studio is if you record crap into the microphone, you're going to get crap out."

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