Top Five OC Metal Shows in December

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Megadeth--December 17
There's just one more month left in the year. But, aside from all the holiday joy, Christmas music, wintertime depression, and mandatory family gatherings, December might not be that bad, if you're into heavy metal. When you consider the plethora of bands playing shows locally, consider yourself lucky. Here are the top five metal shows this month in the OC.

5. Everytime I Die
December 5th
Chain Reaction

Formed in 1998 in New York, Every Time I Die, has been chugging out a heavy blend of heavy music, with a sound based in hardcore for more than a decade. The band features vocalist Keith Buckley, guitarists Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams, drummer Ryan Leger, and bass player Stephen Micciche. As a metalcore band, Every Time I Die also incorporates elements of doom and Southern Rock into the music, offering up brutal, sweat soaked performances that have earned the band a reputation as one of the most intense live performances among the metalcore scene. Since forming in 1998, the band has been hard at work; with six full length studio albums out the band has been touring the world with anyone from New Found Glory, to Dillinger Escape Plan, and everyone in between. Every Time I Die has found a legion of fans, not just among younger metalcore kids, but also fans of punk and metal. This sold out show, at the Chain Reaction is sure to go off, with endless stage divers and hardcore kids dancing in the pit.

4. Exhumed
December 11th
Chain Reaction

Exhumed might just be one of the hardest working bands in extreme metal, and have built a fan base over the past decade with blood, sweat, guts and chainsaws. Sonically, they thrive on a mix of death metal, brutality, speed metal velocity and, and punk fury. Having been on the road almost constantly for the past few years, the band has toured South America, North America, Europe and Asia, with bands such as Carcass, Napalm Death, Dying Fetus and other heavy hitters. This show at Chain Reaction should be special, since the band is playing with the newly formed crossover thrash band Iron Regan, from Richmond, Virginia, featuring members of Municipal Waste. Bring earplugs, and be prepared for a bang over the next morning if you go to this show.

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