Top Five EDM Shows in November

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Fabian Ortiz / OC Weekly
For dance music devotees, this weekend marks the largest LA massive with HARD's Day of the Dead festival at the Los Angeles Historic Park featuring the cream of the crop when it comes to line-ups with array of non-recycled world renowned talent such as Giorgio Moroder, Deadmau5, Masters at Work, Calvin Harris and many more. But if you think the party stops there, think again (and rest your livers).

This month boasts an array of shows from your favorite tastes makers like Avicii, Sander Van Doorn and Excision at the Hollywood Bowl to Morgan Page Presents in 3D at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana. It seems like every artist is trying to outdo one another with their own live tour reaching epic proportions. With a plethora of shows popping up every week it's hard to decide which are worth using your hall-pass and not to mention hard earned cash on. Don't fret however, we did the hard work for you and choose the top five EDM shows in November to make sure you never have to stop dancing.

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5. Paul Oakenfold
Avalon's 10 Year Anniversary
Saturday, November 2nd

If you are not making it to HARD's Day of the Dead and you favor the more euphoric sounds of trance, we suggest seeing the legendary Paul Oakenfold. The three time Grammy nominated DJ and producer graced the Avalon stage in 2003 when they first opened their doors and now he is celebrating the 10 year anniversary. Since then, the dance music institution has made the DJ Mag's top 100 nightclubs list for the past seven years and been a stop for every major EDM artist. What better way to celebrate than with the pioneer of the global trance scene as he brings his "Full on Fluoro" sound to the states for the first time. Returning to his roots "Trance Mission" brings a fresh visual and audio experience for the true trance family aficionados. The always evolutionary artist is also changing the game once again and bringing a new album concept where Oakenfold will create brand new versions of his favorite trance releases of all time. We hope he gives us a little preview at Avalon this weekend.

4. Rogers Sanchez with Focus Residents
Josh Billings, Wobs and Nonfiction
Yost Theater
Saturday, November 9th

The new Wonderland Saturdays continue at the Yost Theater with a special edition as our favorite underground house music staple Focus brings their resident DJs Josh Billings, Wobs and Nonfiction to support New York City's house legend Roger Sanchez. Expect a night of funky good vibes as the Focus guys (who were recently praised by tech house king Pleasurekraft via Twitter) set the mood for something different than most club rats are used to. Forget bottle service and crazy LEDs, these guys just want to make you dance and Sanchez is sure to follow suit. "There is a rebirth of underground house music and a new young audience that is discovering this sound and looking for deeper sexier sounds," he says. Sanchez's latest single "My Roots" brings that old school Chicago House sound with a fresh 2013 twist. Known to mix a lot of live vocal mash ups and looping samples, Sanchez is a master of his craft that's sure to get you moving even if you are unfamiliar with the sound of the underground.

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