The Top 10 Female Metal Singers

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Unlike punk rock, for some reason the world of heavy metal has not always been the most accepting of women, unless they are scantily clad or topless dancing in the background. However, this post aims to prove to all of the closed minded chauvinists that women can rock just as hard as men, if not harder.

The rise of women among metal and hard rock music continues on to our delight, despite the fact that many females still face an uphill battle in a mostly male dominated genre. But, that didn't stop some of the front women listed below from become pioneering figures in deathrock, power metal, metlacore, and even death metal. We now present our list of the Top 10 Female Metal Singers.

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10. Candace Kusculain (Walls of Jericho)
Formed in 1998, in Detroit, Walls of Jericho might be lumped into the metalcore genre, but they are much more. Blending in elements of hardcore with some thrash and punk, the band gained a rabid fan base from the beginning, which flocked to see the band's gripping live shows. Taking homage from Madball, Hatebreed and even Sepultura, the band was fronted by vocalist, Candace Kucsulain, whose fury and urgency can be heard in her screams. Kusculain has a very heartfelt, heavy voice full of strength and passion.

Kusculain has proven herself to be a veteran of the hardcore/metalcore scene, and can often insight crowds into a frenzy of a circle pit when Walls of Jericho perform live. On later albums such as With Devils Among Us (2006), and The American Dream (2008) the band explores new territory with more rock based ballads that include Kusculain switching to epic, yet more melodic clean vocals.

9. Eva Ortiz (Super Heroines, Shadow Project)
Eva Ortiz is known for her pivotal role in the early '80s LA punk/deathrock scene. Her distinct vocals carry a mysterious, deep, eerie, anguished nuance that has remained throughout her career, now over three decades in the making. In the early '80s, Eva formed her first band, the Super Heroines, one of LA's premier deathrock bands at the time, alongside 45 Grave.

As a guitarist and lyricist, Eva O. did some work with her husband Rozz Williams and his early incarnation of Christian Death, contributing vocals on the band's debut album Only Theatre of Pain, from 1982. Williams and Ortiz also collaborated on the experimental, darker Goth inspired band, Shadow Project. Sadly, Williams committed suicide in 1998. Since the late '90s she has managed to remain a cult like figure for her gloomy, Black-Sabbath-meets-the-Cure sound and still puts out underground music for fans and plays occasional shows.

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