Top 10 Emo Revival Bands You'll Never Hear From Again

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In every corner of the punk niche media, you can find a new list about emo revival. After watching bands sarcastically posting lists from sites like Buzzfeed and Stereogum claiming they are "must hear" bands of a new emo emergence you might feel a bit lost. Not only are some of the bands on these lists not still together, but they experienced full careers and have virtually been forgotten. Even NPR did a piece about the resurgence.

I know, Fall Out Boy getting back together and putting out a punk album doesn't mean emo is dead or alive. In fact, the buzz surrounding emo revival might be louder than anything Patrick Stump's annoying vocals could generate. It's true there has been a new flocking toward 1990's era emo in the punk scene with the help of sites like Tumblr. However, there is a problem with the emo revival, the bands that are credited with starting it have all broken up.

10. Street Smart Cyclist

The forgotten founders of the emo revival are more notably associated with the members further groups. After splitting up, the band formed two different, but legendary bands. (Our #3 and #1) If there was a band to kick-off the emo revival It would be Street Smart Cyclist. Now completely out of print, the 7inch releases the band put out can go for around $50 on eBay. As one of the favorites in the genre, this band often gets lumped together and their songs confused with members later projects. However, they stand alone and credited for the Tumblr-based emo erection that the blogs won't stop talking about.

9. My Heart to Joy

My Heart to Joy not only pushed emo in the days before this Internet emo revival, but helped coin the term "Twinkle Daddies." After their last show this band grew apart in different directions including one of the biggest bands associated with emo-revival, but not often cited in these Internet lists, The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. The atmospheric resonance from My Heart To Joy can be heard in a completely new form, but it's just not the same.

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