The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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The Observatory
Few post-hardcore bands are able to cultivate the mystique that lets them get away with only put out two full length records over a 20 year period. Inciting mosh pits since 1993, Glassjaw has retained it's rabid fanbase who have kept them a live despite numerous lineup changes and hiatuses throughout the 00's. Their stack of EP's and demos they've amassed since they began have become legendary. And though it's now over a decade old, 2002's Worship and a Tribute is still as fresh, brutal and beautiful as t was the day it was pressed. In the hands of founder and frontman Darryl Palumbo and guitarist Jason Beck, those songs are sure to hold up on any stage they play on.This weekend, the band performs with Into Another at the Observatory. (Nate Jackson)

Sunday, November 3
Last Shot Celebration
The Observatory
Rarely does the staff of this infernal rag need an excuse to have a good time. But when it comes to celebrating one of our own, you can bet we show up, and we party. That's the plan this Sunday, Nov. 3, as we come together for a special gathering in honor of Andrew Youssef, beloved Weekly concert photographer and the subject of a recent cover story detailing his life and times. Those that know Youssef are aware of his long battle with cancer, which has pushed him to do some amazing things like shoot over 330 concerts and meet just about every rock star and band he loves since he was diagnosed over two and a half years ago.

His enduring spirit inspired us to reach out to friends, family and colleagues in Youssef's life to see him, hug him, embarrass him and make memories that will far outweigh the importance of Sunday Night Football. The event is free and takes place from 7-10 p.m at the Observatory. (Nate Jackson)

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