Gwen Stefani Fan Art From Every Style Era

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rockandrollhart on etsy.
Gwen Stefani doesn't follow trends; she starts them. She unarguably advanced her career by being a fashion chameleon. (Who else could pull off Bettie Page bangs with drawn-on eyebrows and bindis?) Here's a collection of Gwen fan art from Etsy that showcases her wild styles at various stages in her career.

This caricature by rockandrollhart (above) is a nod to Gwen's Just a Girl phase. Red lips and animal prints are still staples in Gwen's fashion repertoire today.

Skullsandcoolstuff on etsy.

Miley copied Gwen's top knot hairstyle in 2013, but left the bindis behind. A4 print by Skullsandcoolstuff on Etsy.

sarahillustration88 on etsy.

This A3 print by sarahillustration88 immortalizes Gwen's blue hair look for the MTV Video Music Awards in 1998.

LeighLaLovesYou on etsy.

This Embroidered Patch by LeighLaLovesYou captures Gwen's quarter-life crisis (after she and Gavin temporarily called it quits and she dyed her hair pink and got braces as a fashion statement). The pink hair must have worked: they're married with soon-to-be three children now.

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