Flowchart: Should I See This Old Band?

Mike Brooks
Television and/or your local championship bingo team.
By: Kiernan Maletsky
Rock & roll is less than sixty years old, remember, so the idea of multiple generations of active bands is still a fairly new one. But as big-ticket concerts and festivals become prevalent, more and more people are going to get the ol' band back together for another shot. Still, it's a risky proposition, seeing a band you had in your cassette deck 25 years ago. We don't want anyone's precious memories tainted by a subpar relic, so we've made this handy guide to help you decide whether to go see that old band.

First, let's define some terms: Is the band you're thinking about old?


Should I See This Old Band?


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This post is the very definition of "smarmy". If you really like the band then it's worth the risk to pay the money and attend the concert ...even if it might suck. Take a chance. Sheesh

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