Cashius Green: Southern Fried Hip-Hop From Moreno Valley

Cashius Green
For a guy who is just starting to live every young rapper's dream of getting his shot on a major tour, it seems odd that "I Ain't Happy" is the most popular song from local IE-based rapper Cashius Green.

"[I wrote it during] one of those times where I was very confused and that music was my way of escaping that," Green says. "It really takes me back to that time so I can't listen to [it] all the time." When he recorded it, Green's focus on the future was blurry at best. For him, rapping was something he'd been good at but, he wasn't sure he was ready to jump into the music business. "Do I want to rap, or veer off into this pimp shit or whatever else?" he remembers thinking.

Fortunately, Green's decision to take rapping seriously is starting to pay off. At the time of creating his debut release Sunny Side Up, Green was bouncing back and forth between the Koreatown apartment of fellow local rapper and colleague Speak and his old neighborhood in Moreno Valley. Life wasn't exactly at his highest peak, but it was just another of many evolutionary periods in his nomadic life.

Since birth, Green has journeyed and lived all across the southern part of this state. Unlike many rappers who hold firmly to the idea of a singular regional identity, he embraces the idea of having a more vast foundation that encompasses many local connections. "I lived a lot of places, I travel a lot," he says. "I lived in Orange County, Carson, Riverside, Moreno Valley... I've pretty much been everywhere in southern California, and I plan on keep doing that. I never plan on saying 'I'm from there' or from a distinct city," he says.

It was out in the more eastern end of the Inland Empire in Moreno Valley where Green began to form into the artist he is now. "I moved out to Moreno Valley and started going dumb with the music, in a good way," he says, laughing. "I learned a lot of shit in Moreno Valley, I met a lot of cool artists. Moreno has a lot of artist; honestly, there's a lot of talent in that city, a lot. You definitely get a lot of positive things out of Moreno Valley; I have, definitely."

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