Arrested Development Album Release Has Bluth Fans and Mitch Hurwitz Chicken Dancing

The Record Parlour is normally the home to 15,000 vinyl discs, but Tuesday night the Hollywood shop was taken over by just one, which isn't really a vinyl disc but a digital download: At Long Last ... Music and Songs From Arrested Development.

Had the band played all the songs on the album, we'd still be at The Record Parlour as there are 42:

More than a digital record release party, it was a congratulatory coronation for David Schwartz, the composer for the best TV show ever about life in Orange County.

None other than series creator Mitch Hurwitz led the packed cheering section for Schwartz and his band, which includes his daughter Lucy Schwartz, an LA singer-songwriter who performed on many Arrested Development songs. Close your eyes and it's her voice, with a fake British accent, singing "Mr. F."

Tonight's band: Lucy Schwartz is up front and her dad is behind her.
Meanwhile, the 23-year-old's single "Boomerang" played over the closing credits of the fourth season finale. It was also the finale to a short set played at the in-store by the Schwartzes and their bandmates, and while it's actually a love song, the lyrics speak to the longing Arrested Development fans felt during the six-year hiatus between Fox's cancellation after three seasons and Netflix's resurrection last May. It's the longing we're feeling all over again as an anticipated movie and fifth season remain up in the air.

Every time you come around again
I only want to say goodbye
Every time you say you're leaving again
I want you back just like my
Want you back just like my
Boom boom boomerang

But did they play the Tahitian ukelele-powered theme song? Of course they played the Tahitian ukelele-powered theme song.

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