15 Pop Princess/Rap Combinations We Love

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After 30 years, rap's cultural influence pretty much makes it synonymous with pop music. But when the two fuse for the perfect mix of flava (not a typo) and Top 40 charm to create an even bigger monolith, magical moments can often ensue. With the Milester's current embrace of the Pop/Rap technique in full swing, it seemed like a good idea to highlight the best of this chart-topping class of hybrids.

We bring to you 15 Pop Princess/Rap Combos We Love

Jennifer Lopez feat Ja Rule - "I'm Real"
Booty Pop Princess: Jenny From the Block
Rapper: Ja Rule
Producer: Channel 7
This track as well as "Ain't It Funny", also produced by 7, helped Ja Rule find some mainstream fame, thus some love in the pop community that gave him virtually no love until that thriving year of 2001, where he landed this song along with two other reach number one of the Hot 100. J. Lo sang her way back into the hearts of rap fans who were bitter about her break up with Diddy shortly before.

Hayley Williams feat. BoB - "Airplanes"
Pop Princess: Hayley Williams
Rapper: BoB
Producer(s): Alex da Kid, DJ Frank E
If any teenagers' moms had problems with rappers and their misogynistic, vulgar styles, B.o.B.'s humble, introspective verses definitely offered another lens through which they could see the genre. On the other hand, rap fans couldn't get over the fact that a female named Hayley on track with an MC wasn't Eminem's daughter.

Lily Allen feat T-Pain - "5 O'Clock"
Pop Princess: Lily Allen
Rapper: T-Pain
Producer: T-Pain
Fortunately, for Lily Allen, T-Pain was able to make the UK songstresses' unsuccessful single--it only reached 39 on the UK charts--a mega smash in the states with this stellar production. In the name of T-Pain's fortune, he was able to get some more airplay with the use of Autotune, while winning some acceptance amongst soccer moms.

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