How To Be the Best Zombie You Can Be at the Long Beach Zombie Walk

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Long Beach Zombie Walk
In May of 2009, the Long Beach Cinematheque hosted the first Long Beach Zombie Walk to kick-off a midnight screening of "Night of the Living Dead." It was so popular that the group did it again in October. "We decided to make an annual event of it," said Logan Crow, executive director of Long Beach Cinematheque. Crow says he has a special affinity for zombies.

"What I love specifically about the zombie genre of horror cinema is that zombie films can be side-splittingly hilarious, or absolutely horrifying. The genre works at so many levels." Today, pop culture is exploding with zombie-themed commercials, films and shows. "They're everywhere!" Crow says. "And it can be any one, at any moment - that's such a scary thought to me. At one moment you're running from a horde with your grandmother, she gets bitten, and you've got five seconds to decide if you have the stomach to...well, do what you have to do. It's a truly terrifying genre, when you think about it."

The Long Beach Zombie Walk proceeds go to the Long Beach Cinematheque and help the organization program films for the rest of the year. "We just launched Long Beach's very first cemetery screening last week; we've screened five free outdoor movies around Long Beach in the last two months alone. Zombie Walk ticket sales helped us do that," Crow said.

Whereas the event used to be just that -- a zombie walk -- it has morphed into a full-on festival, featuring music, film, and more. "From the get-go, I was dead-set against the idea of charging people simply to walk," Crow said. Now that the event costs $15, it's a full-day, ten-hour, two-stage festival.

Crow says, "The idea is basically: OK, so the world has been taken over by zombies - what would a festival programmed by zombies look like? So the bands fit that theme, the films and the decor fit that theme - it's an undead festival!"

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