Tom Waits Fan Art You Really Must Own

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kylieharris on etsy.
Realization: Tom Waits is like the music industry's living version of the 'Most Interesting Man in the World'. We can hear it now...

According to Waits, his 2008 U.S. tour was planned to follow the shape of the constellation Hydra. His favorite sound is bacon frying in a pan and his favorite contemporary artist is Missy Elliot... he is The Most Interesting Man in... Music!

If you find Waits as immensely interesting as we do, you will enjoy this fan art we found on Etsy.

We really dig this Tom Waits print from original painting by kylieharris (above).

MikeOncley on etsy.

A smoking Tom Waits doll?! We'll take four. According to the artist, MikeOncley, "This hollow Munny doll has been equipped with a beer bottle cap to hold cone shaped incense. When lit the smoke travels up the toy and exits out of the mouth to simulate a smoking and drinking Tom Waits." Neato.


Be prepared to shell out $5,000.00 for this piece titled St. Tom by IconicConstructions. It is made of a variety of materials and found objects and contains two secret compartments. The artist, Heidi Sanna, explains:

"The first is a small diorama hidden inside a cigar box--a display of objects which reference a few specific Tom Waits songs. The second secret compartment is a pull-out drawer. It reveals a framed letter, written by a Hobo named Box Car Shorty. It was written in 1928 at a Hobo convention in Chicago--quite an exciting artifact!"

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