The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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The 1975--See Thursday
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Monday, October 28

Glorious Wondour
Detroit Bar
This month, the coveted Monday night Detroit Bar residency goes to Glorious Wondour: two guys from Los Angeles with a penchant for trippy visuals and some pretty awesome photoshopping skills who make a dreamy, zoned-out kind of electronic experimentalism. Glorious Wondour's album Plaza Plaza Plaza (released in January) is available on their bandcamp page for a name-your-price download (always commendable), in case you need some mood music next time you pack a bowl full of Salvia. This week's set gets support from fellow musical theorizers Mt. Ossa (who have graces these fair pages before) and exploratory LA-based foursome Pomar. It's going to be quite the mind-bending Monday evening. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, October 29

Fathers & Suns
The Prospector
It's been a good year for Fathers & Suns, the Long Beach band made up of Arturo Bandini (guitars and vocals), Jesus Lara (guitars and vocals), Luis Renteria (drums and percussion) and Jay Penev (bass and vocals). Last November, they released their debut album, Mama Provides, a 12-song conglomeration of '60s-influenced pop, garage-tinged rock and quirky folk. Locals ate it up with ravenous appetite--as evidenced by this summer's Busker Fest, a live music festival which the band competed in, and won hands-down. This Tuesday evening, they play at Long Beach's indie band motherland, the Prospector, where maybe, if we're lucky, they'll give audiences a taste of that new material they're working on. (Erin DeWitt)

Wednesday, October 30

Detroit Bar
The dynamic duo have their established roots in high avant garde electro-hip hop music, anchored by the vocal stylings of Damien Blaise and Gianna Gianna. Supporting acts tonight include fellow twosome Terminal A, with similar futuristic synth sounds to blow people's minds out of the water; Nicker Jones, the wild one man band, and Cleopatra and the Alchemist. Get your pre-Halloween butt out for some fun tonight. (Aimee Murillo)

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