The Best Vintage Van Halen Tees

LotusvintageNY on etsy.
Sure, you could buy a reproduction Van Halen tee for $12.99 from Target, but for three or four times that amount, you can score the real deal and wear a shirt not many people still own. We're suckers for 3/4 sleeve baseball tees on both guys and girls.

Here are the best vintage Van Halen tees listed on etsy:

Vintage Van Halen 1979 Tour Tee Shirt from LotusvintageNY (above).

JointCustodyDC on etsy.

Vintage 1970s Van Halen Band Tee from JointCustodyDC.

FatandyzVintage on etsy.

Vintage 1980 Sammy Hagar Concert Tee Shirt from FatandyzVintage.

momandpopcultureshop on etsy.

Vintage Van Halen 1982 Concert Tee Shirt from momandpopcultureshop.

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2 shirts on here are not Van Halen shirts.  Get with it! Who writes this crap! Yea, DLR and Hagar were/are in VH, but those are not VH shirts.  The Red Rocket one was Sammy BEFORE VH and the DLR one was AFTER VH.  Get educated!

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