The 50 Worst Things About the OC Music Scene

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John Gilhooley
OC, you fuckin' suck! Love, the musicians and the fans
Orange County, your musicians have a bone to pick with you. Well, more than one bone actually. You see, for being the second-most populous county in the Greater L.A. area-- behind L.A. of course-- the only figure that beats our count of approximately 3 million citizens is the number of times we're reminded what a distant second that actually is when it comes to our music scene. And we're even further back when you compare us to the other national sonic Meccas like New York, Austin, Seattle, Nashville, wherever. And it's not because we don't have the talent, the drive, or the will to pack the biggest clubs or earn the most fans. If that were the case, those d-bags who live North of the 5 Fwy wouldn't be so eager to try and steal any artist with even a fartsworth of viable commercial potential--Cold War Kids, Young the Giant, Local Natives...the list goes on.

No, plenty of our musicians have the right stuff, it's just too bad they live in a place with all the wrong stuff, or--in many cases--no stuff at all. What little morsels of a respectable scene that we do have usually end up getting shut down or stolen, while the rest of the world paints us as this boring, white-bred suburb that even al Qaeda doesn't have time to bomb (but sure has time to recruit from...). Add that to the unshakable stereotype that all we have to offer sonically is a litany of No Doubt and Social Distortion wannabes and you have the perfect recipe for the red headed step child that is the OC musician. And boy, do we have issues.

Don't get us wrong, OC--you definitely have your inalienable charms, those sparkling gems of authentic community, culture and sonic rebellion hidden within your borders. Those will be discussed next week in a separate post. But sometimes, let's face it, you suck balls. And right about now, we'd like to tell you why. Recently, the Weekly polled a number of musicians who had long-gestating gripes about the task of supplying your live entertainment. And since most of them are too broke or cheap to afford any kind of therapy, bitching to us was the next best thing. Behold, our list of the 50 Worst Things About the OC Music Scene.

50. After all your band expenses, the pay for gigs out here is peanuts.--John Gilhooley, The Yeastie Boys

49. Someday, hopefully a cool Fullerton venue will replace the Slidebar.--Cameron Crowe, Audacity

48. The OC Music Awards has 8-10 different rock sub genres with their own award category but only one hip-hop, one electronic and zero R&B/soul...sad--Damien B, BLOK

47. When the old Avalon Bar in Costa Mesa double booked our gig night, again, for the third time in a row--Robin Davey, Well Hung Heart

46. Dahga Bloom doesn't throw shows at their Anaheim warehouse anymore. Bummer. --Jared Henderson, Douglas and the Furs

45. Everywhere you look, too many instrument owners and not enough real musicians--Evan Stone, Translucent Ham Sandwich Band

Keith May
The OC Music Awards...reminding the rest of the world how white we are!

44. The reality check of having to go to work the day after playing a sold-out show at the Anaheim House of Blues! --Eric Bootow, Sederra

43. Getting out of a weekday show at 1a.m. and In-N-Out is already closed. Late night food options are slim. We need a Swingers or Kitchen 24 here.--Maya Tuttle, The Colourist

42. Going to Continental Room and having to wade through sets of perpetual youth garage bands, who can't write a song or play a tune to save their life, just to see a band that you only kinda like.--Lucas Drake, Dahga Bloom

LP Hastings
Swimming past the usual sea of bros. Fun times...not.

41.When the champagne runs out at the club where you're DJing. That would never happen in LA!--Bruce Karlsson, Norin and Rad

40. Breaking down at the studio. Loading up the van. Unloading at the venue. Loading onto stage. Loading off stage. Loading back into the van. Loading back into the studio.--Jeremy Schnaible, The Field Trip

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