Puig Destroyer: Kicked in the Balls But Keeps on Going

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Friday night's 9-0 ass-whupppin' of the Los Angeles Dodgers by the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6 of the NLCS dashed the World Series hopes for our neighbors to the north, and essentially closed the books on another baseball season in California.

The shell-shock of Dodger Nation could be felt all the way down here in Angels Country, as surely more than a few Angels faithful turned their sights towards Chavez Ravine at some point last year with their beloved Halos plumbing the depths of the AL West for much of the 2013 season. Because apparently, unlike Chicago, where you're either a Cubs fan or a Sox fan, you can get behind both SoCal MLB franchises without incurring excessive acrimony for crossing over. As a Midwest transplant, this is something that I was shocked to learn.

I was hipped to this dynamic by former Thrice drummer and OC lifer Riley Breckenridge, who released a project EP this summer titled Puig Destroyer, a grindcore tribute to Los Angeles Dodgers rookie sensation Yasiel Puig, a freakishly fast and powerful outfielder who defected from Cuba last year and signed himself up with the Dodgers at $42 million over seven years so as to say, ¡en tu cara, comunistas!

We caught up with Riley, who's finally coming to grips with the end of the Dodgers playoff run, to talk about dual fandom in SoCal baseball, Puig's freakishness, and his latest musical endeavor, Puig Destroyer which, despite the Dodger's recent craptastic performance, is soldiering on to a new EP which will hopefully be out soon.

Heard Mentality (Adam Lovinus): Did you see the game this weekend? Was that a kick in the balls or what?

Riley Breckenridge: Yes, unfortunately. What follows is an actual text conversation between me and Ian after Puig botched his 867th play in right field during Game 6:

Tell me a little about your Dodger fandom. I thought this was Angels country?

My dad was raised as both a Dodgers fan and an Angels fan (back when the Angels were actually in LA), so naturally, he raised me to be a fan of both teams as well. As a kid, we'd watch and listen to both teams, and it seemed kosher to me because they were in different leagues. Apparently, a ton of folks have issues with that--you're either a Dodgers fan or an Angels fan, I guess--but I never knew that to be the case, so to hell with that nonsense. I root for both teams, but if I had to pick a side (say, in the Freeway Series--or the World Series that should have happened this year) I'd go with the Angels, because I grew up 15 minutes from Angel Stadium, have been to hundreds of Angels games in my life and go to about 20 to 30 games a season now.

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