Nancy Sanchez Has a Seasonal Serenade Ready for Her Performance at the Muck in Fullerton

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Orange County's own Nancy Sanchez is busy putting the final touches on her full-length album debut, but is taking time to grace the outdoor amphitheater stage of 'The Muck' in Fullerton. The jazzy singer-songwriter's performance is just the latest in the historic hilltop mansion's strong and steady cultural programming.

Sanchez will be headlining the show at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center featuring local talent gleaned from last year's Fullerton Sings! competition held at the same venue. The evening presents itself as an opportunity to listen to music, dine, sip wine, relax and unwind. The jazz singer the Weekly profiled in print before anyone else also has a seasonal serenade in store with a standard just right for the Fall.

"Autumn Leaves originally is in French. Johnny Mercer put English lyrics to it," Sanchez says of the love lost lament planned for her set list. "I always loved that song. Everybody does that song so I wanted to do something special with it by singing in Spanish but I couldn't find any lyrics so I translated it myself."

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