Hemorrhage: OC Hardcore That Makes Us Want to Destroy Shit

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Courtesy of Hemorrhage

For an affirmation that Orange County still breeds old-fashioned, passionate hardcore, check out Hemorrhage's debut EP, Chapter One, released in October 2012. Search the title and band name on YouTube, press play, and then brace yourself.

The seven songs clock in at less than 14 minutes total, but it's all prototypical early-'80s thrash: hard, fast, aggressive and unrelenting, making you want to trash your workspace or rip a bong load and jump on a skateboard. Think T.S.O.L. before their Guns N' Roses affiliation, or a faster, sludgier Agent Orange.

But this isn't a throwback band by any account. Hemorrhage's foursome apply a modern spin to this "classic" genre by penning songs rooted in references to Game of Thrones ("Winter Is Coming" and "I Pay the Iron Price"), and start the record with an ode to the Harry Potter killing curse, "Avada Kedavra."

"'Winter Is Coming' identifies with always being prepared for the worst-case scenario, and 'I Pay the Iron Price' talks about taking your life into your own hands," explains Vinnie Capasso, 24, the band's guitarist/graphic artist/label logisticator. He also runs the band's label, Abduct Tape Records, from his bedroom in Huntington Beach.

All four band members are OC born and bred. Capasso, drummer Andres Cendoya and bassist Rain Avilez were classmates at Costa Mesa High School. Capasso met vocalist Phillip Penegar while working at Starbucks. They formed the band about a year and a half ago. "We all work near-minimum-wage grunt jobs," Capasso says. "Andres is a server, I flip burgers, Rain lifts heavy shit, and Phillip serves coffee. After a 40-plus-hour workweek, we find rehearsal to be our sanctuary."

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