GWAR -The Observatory - October 17, 2013

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Nate Jackson
The Observatory

"Dude, that done."
For a GWAR fan, this is one phrase that never gets old. Because chances are you're saying it to a GWAR show virgin who made the mistake of standing in the pit wearing clothes he or she actually cares about. Though the band have been doing practically the same blood-spewing, head-severing, clothes-soaking shtick for 20 plus years, there's always someone in the room who didn't get the memo.

The Observatory had no shortage of young newbies last night, as a packed crowd showered rabid praise on Oderus Urungus and his band of demigod alien rockers from various planets. Of course, the band wasted little time returning fire with cock cannons, torn limbs and acid-tongued demon trolls filled with red and blue bodily fluids. Yeah, fuck your shirt...and your pants, bro.

Currently, the band is traveling the galaxy in support of the September release of their latest effort, Battle Maximus. Last night, Orderus (a.k.a. Dave Brockie) and crew transformed the old Galaxy Theater (the band refuses to acknowledge the venue's name change) into a post-apocalyptic hell hole where the Queen of England, Justin Bieber and Pope Francis came to get their chest cavities and reproductive organs forcibly removed. In the midst of all the blood lust and gore were a few tracks from the new album--the band's first since the death of guitarist Flattus Maximus (a.k.a. Cory Smoot), who died in 2011.

Though the band took turns slaying garden variety celebrities and political figures, their newest nemesis, Mr. Perfect--a body-less goblin with a head mounted on a floating, tube-like space craft--posed a real threat. His mission: to steal jizzmoglobin out of Oderus' trademark alien cock to harness its power to create his twisted definition of the perfect human race. At one point, he sent his example of the perfect female--a brainless, speechless minion called the Jizzmogobbler made entirely of tits--to do battle with the band. Thankfully, they made short work of her in time to thrash along to staples like "Bring Back the Bomb," "Pre-Skool Prostitute," and "Let Us Slay" and newer gems like "Hail, Genocide!" and "Torture," from Battle Maximus.

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