Fuck Buttons' Advice to EDM Newcomers: Stay Off the Drugs

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Fuck Buttons
Fuck Buttons make electronic music, sure, but it's not what we're used to in the good ole U, S, of A. During a time where EDM is running rampant in our fine country, we expect high-energy beats and bass drops. Lots of bass drops. The UK duo of Andrew Hung and Benjamin Power just won't give us that instant satisfaction, but they'll give us something much more valuable - Intellectual Electronic Music.

There's a reason why the producers' track, "Olympians," was featured in last year's Olympic Opening Ceremony. There's also a reason why their third LP, Slow Focus, was the first album on ATP Recordings to reach the top 40 of the UK Albums Chart: these guys are smart. That brainpower seeps into every song they create, replacing bass drops with post-rock opuses and adrenaline-powered beats with hypnotic drones. Despite the playfully crass name, Fuck Buttons are about as serious as you can get, and they're bringing their IEM to Detroit Bar on Thursday, October 10th.

OC Weekly (Katrina Nattress): With Slow Focus, you decided to self-produce the album. What made you decide to do it yourself?

Andrew Hung: It was just the logical step for us. Having worked with a couple of great producers, it just transpired that we had acquired enough knowledge to attempt to do it ourselves, which we did!

In the future, would you prefer to continue self-producing or work with a producer again?

Who knows, it's all interesting and it's all a process.

This album certainly has a darker, harder feel to it than its predecessors. What would you say are the reasons behind that?
Not sure there's any reason behind that. The sound was always going to evolve, and not because we consciously want to explore different music, but also the passage of time dictates evolution anyway. As to why it's darker and harder as you describe it; I can't possibly say.
How has the new material been received in a live setting?
We're really pleased with the new material in the live context - they're working really well. They have more space to play with too.
You've described your music as being designed to play live. I'm sure the writing process is different from song to song, but how do you assure each song is built for a live setting?
The writing process has remained virtually the same since we started Fuck Buttons: we're in a room with our assortment of sound generators and we play until something interesting happens. That's the key to how they translate very easily to the live stage - they are live tracks that are written as they are played!
 You're currently touring in Europe before heading to North America for a string of shows. How's the tour going so far?

It's going very well, thanks. Touring is a series of moments lived consecutively so I'm actually unable to give you an overview of how it's going; it's very difficult to reflect. But yeah, I'm drinking a really strong ginger tea right now and it's making me happy. Tour's great!

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