Florence and the Machine Fan Art You Really Should Own

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ARTthroughGRIEF on etsy.
Florence Welch is back in the recording studio and is believed to be working on her third album, which is great because the radio needs to stop playing "Dog Days Are Over." If you're missing her colorful frocks and flowery performances as much as we are, you will appreciate this fan art we found.

This Florence Welch mixed media painting by ARTthroughGRIEF (above) would make a great Old Navy ad.

ataglancegraphics on etsy.

This Florence and The Machine Typography Poster by ataglancegraphics could double as a badass Halloween decoration.

carloshernandez on etsy.

Whether you attended Florence and The Machine's Bayou Music Center show in 2012 or not, you're going to want this vintage-inspired silkscreen poster by carloshernandez.

FacesAndDolls on etsy.

This Florence Welch print of an original painting by FacesAndDolls appears timeless (and reminds us that we wanted to rent The Great Gatsby).

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