Ask Willie D: My Vibrator Intimidates My Boyfriend. Help!

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[Editor's note: Rap pioneer and Geto Boys member Willie D answers reader questions for our sister paper, Houston Press. Something on your mind? Ask Willie D!]

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Dear Willie D:

I'm a sophomore in college and I have the worst roommate ever. I recently found out she is selling weed out of our off-campus 2-bedroom apartment. I was looking through her closet for my jeans I let her borrow when I spotted the pot in a large Ziploc bag hidden under clothes she had piled on the floor.

When I confronted her about my findings, she flipped out and gave me a sob story about how hard it is on her financially. I explained to her that I didn't exactly have it easy myself. I bust my butt working part-time in the day while hitting the books at night to pay tuition and get my degree; a task made more difficult by the fact that every 15 minute someone is banging on the door to buy drugs.

Her boyfriend and all of his loser friends crash out at our apartment on the regular. I once went to the kitchen to get some water in the middle of the night and passed by her room to see them having sex.

Yesterday she showed me $22,000 in cash. I'm leery of living with her because people do crazy things for money. What if one of her boyfriend's friends came back to rob her and decided he didn't want to leave witnesses?

I want to move, but I don't make enough money to live alone and I don't know where to find another roommate. I feel like I'm walking in quicksand with my hair on fire. What do you suggest I do?

Hair On Fire:

Drug Dealing must be part of the college curriculum, because I know a number of students from many walks of life who never sold drugs until they enrolled in college. My cousin had a promising basketball career until he got kicked out for selling weed to pay expenses his scholarship didn't cover. I'm still trying to figure out what made him think he could sell drugs and be a hoop star without anybody noticing.

Like their street counterparts, most students who sell drugs won't stop until they get caught. The money is too good and it's a lot easier than working long hours on a sorry job when they have to study. Your life is in peril and your collegiate career is being compromised. Try posting a wanted notice in the student center or newspaper. Maybe you can find a new roommate that way. If worst comes to worst, you may have to drop out of college for a semester or two, get your money up and return at a later date.

It's sad that you've been forced into this situation. Your friend's situation is equally sad. She obviously doesn't realize how dangerous the drug game is. Getting expelled from school is her least worry. No winners here, unless you count the loan companies and greedy universities who charge so much for tuition fees that it's not uncommon for a student to major in engineering and minor in drug dealing.


Dear Willie D:

I ran into my ex while renewing my driver's license at DPS. When I walked in, he was already standing in line. When he looked my way, not wanting to be rude I said hi, but instead of reciprocating my greeting he looked away. To say the least, I was embarrassed, being that other people in line witnessed the exchange between us. The reason we broke up is because we argued about everything way too much.

He is the one who broke up with me and got into a new relationship immediately afterwards, not the other way around. We dated for almost six years; now he acts as though I'm someone off the street who robbed him or something. I could never treat someone that I once loved that way.

Just because you're no longer dating someone doesn't mean that you have to be enemies. Why does he treat me with so much disdain?

Embarrassed Ex:

Maybe your ex's animosity towards you is a defensive mechanism. He has to be angry with you to validate the decision he made to end the relationship. It could also mean that he still has feelings for you, or is jealous of the fact that you moved on and are doing good without him.

The best thing you can do is put him in your rearview mirror and don't look back. Otherwise, you could miss your entrance to a new freeway of love.

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