Celebrating 25 Years of Zubaz, The Raddest Pants Ever

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Zubaz....Dare to be different
If you've noticed things around you being a lot more radical than usual, it's probably because Zubaz, the pants with attitude, just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Founded by Minnesotan bodybuilders Dan Stock and Bob Truax in 1988, Zubaz have since gone on to symbolize the unapologetically action packed, in-your-face comfort of the late '80s and early '90s, an ideal standard that keeps people wearing them today. We at the Weekly are celebrating a quarter-century of Zubaz by assembling a playlist of some of our favorite Zubaz-centric jams.

FULL DISCLOSURE - This list was compiled while wearing Blue/Red Zubaz Zebra Pants.

The Road Warriors - "Tonight" 1986
Two of the first to really make Zubaz cool in the '80s were professional wrestling superstars Hawk and Animal. Whether you knew them as the Road Warriors or the Legion of Doom (or by their real names Michael Hegstrand and Joseph Laurinaitis) you knew not to mess with them, especially when it came to high fashion. And what goes better with facepaint and spiked shoulder-pads than Zubaz? Credited as the visionaries who has the original idea for Zubaz, it shows the duo's talents weren't limited to the squared circle. Here's a song the boys did in the mid-'80s during the height of music and athletics colliding.

Serengeti - "Dennehy" 2006
Indie-rapper Serengeti has, for years, been one of the most creative entities in the underground hip-hop world. He's had so many ideas that he had to create an alter-ego. Enter Kenny, a Chicago man of simple tastes who gets profiled in his song "Dennehy." While the track is an interesting slice of Kenny's life named after his favorite actor, his passion for "da Bears" cannot be understated as emphasized by the character's love of the his Chicago Bears Zubaz. It's something anyone whose own a pair of the pants can relate to.

Miami Dolphins - "Can't Touch Us" 1990
But why relegate the football Zubaz fun to just the Bears? Zubaz were inescapable in NFL promotional clips in the early 90s, and when they collided with the trend of athletes recording music in the late 80s, you had an explosion of comfy testosterone. The 1990 Miami Dolphins recorded their take on MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" called "Can't Touch Us," which also includes the subtle truth that you should never touch another person's Zubaz. That's a sacred bond, especially when they're Super Bowl bound.

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