This Week's Five Must See Shows

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Title Fight -- see Thursday

No plans this week? Go see some live music! These are the five local shows worth checking out this week.

Tuesday, September 24th

Minus the Bear

In 2001, members of Sharks Keep Moving united to for math rock infused indie group Minus the Bear. After putting out an acoustic EP early this month, the Seattle-based band jumped on tour with Tera Melos and The New Trust. Now pushing more experimental sets, the bands' injection of strange time signatures and guitar effects adds some flavor to the the boring indie scene and helps put Minus the Bear into the ears of a much more eclectic audience.

Wednesday, September 25th


One of musical history's more experimental and extreme groups, Norwegian jazz group Shining keeps pushing the limits of sound. With their new album One One One the band is rebranding their avant-garde metal/jazz concoction. As Shining's sound is quite particular, their sound hasn't influenced a new generation of musicians in any obvious ways. The band has, however, abstractly set new boundaries of what can be done within the realm of the classically American jazz genre.

House of Blues

Boy bands are undisputedly back. Groups like One Direction, Big Time Rush, and The Jonas Brothers have been lip-syncing and choreographically performing their songs to younger audiences through Nickelodeon TV shows, movies and massive tours. Older groups have been making comebacks as well, with N'Sync performance at this year's VMAs. Uber-christian family pop group The Jonas Brothers owe a lot to Hanson. This brotherly trio produced some of the worst pop music of all time, but I guarantee you now every word. I know I do.

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