The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Monday, September 9

Detroit Bar
Locals Lolipop Records are coming up like crazy right now, and they're bringing LA's Santoros with them--there are two Santoros tapes on deck and a star-revue residency at Detroit Bar this month, where the Lolipop roster deploys in force. Santoros do '66 garage like '79 punks, with blown-out harmonica, relentless garage-band organ and chant-along choruses, and if your record collection still has room between the albums that came out on Frontier and the albums that came out on Voxx, then this will fit in just fine. Reclassify your beer money as cassette money--you'll be glad you did. They play tonight with glam-garage enfant excellente Wyatt Blair, who does Milk 'n' Cookies via Rip Off Records on his Banana Cream Dream album and does it extremely awesomely. (Chris Ziegler)

Tuesday, September 10
The Zombies
The Observatory
The Zombies' 1968 album Odessey and Oracle--besides being probably the greatest record ever titled with a typo--just about defined pop-psychedelia and redefined its own little piece of pop music, too. "This Will Be Our Year" is so accomplished that it demands the instant retirement of words (and actual emotions) like "melancholy" and "wistful," since they'll never be better demonstrated than in that particular two minutes and eight seconds. And if you care to further prowl through the rest of their discography, you can find moment after moment of perfection. How many songs have we not even mentioned here? No wonder people write books. Dress up nice to go to this one, OK? They play with LA's own Allah-Las, who do Standells-y garage with Music Machine aplomb, and whose guitar tone should be some kind of national monument. (Chris Ziegler)

Focus Tuesdays
Focus Tuesdays, the mid-week house music dance party at Tapas in Newport, might just the most underrated club in OC. With years (years!) of experience bringing in some of the best deep house DJs in the business, Focus attracts a young, beautiful crowd of house fanatics and party people each week. With resident DJs like Nonfiction, Josh Billings and Wobs, the opening sets are as much a draw as the headliners. Plus, there are three-dollar drink specials and the club's famous one-dollar tacos on the patio. Pretty great for a Tuesday night! (Erin DeWitt)

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