The Best of Burning Man 2013

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Curious Josh / LA Weekly
The Temple of Whollyness at Burning Man 2013

Another gritty and glorious Burning Man came and went last weekend in the lovely-yet-hostile stretch of desert dubbed Black Rock City. Just miles north of Gerlach, Nevada 61,000 attendees from all over the world came together to feel the playa love, get dusty together and enjoy the ethos of a temporary metropolis which they came together to build. In an attempt to explain what it's like to make the pilgrimage to Black Rock City, we've highlighted the best Burning Man moments from this year's Cargo Cult-themed burn.

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Elise Loeb / Team Cali
Finding a friend in deep playa and gifting him kandi = priceless

Bumping into Friends at Sunrise
After plopping on a bean bag chair near the infectious grooves of the Robot Heart camp on Saturday morning, we were greeted by a playa virgin friend named Andrew -- who we'd first met at EDC Week earlier this summer--decked out in full fur despite the unbearable heat. How elated we were to to see a familiar face (finally!). In the spirit of gifting I gave him a kandi bracelet which I had originally made for my dear friend Angie which spelled "Hi Hat" appropriately named after the instrument and the camp they both shared. Such a small world our dance music community is and it's transparent in Black Rock City.

Suady Villa Garcia / Team Cali
Jumping on a trampoline after a steamy walk through of the orgy tent

Surviving the Orgy Tent
During our exploration of a nearby campground we stumbled upon a little thing called the "Orgy Tent." The name pretty much says it all. Girls on girls, guys on guys, three girls and a guy--anything you could possibly imagine and their exhibitionism was for real (where was my boyfriend when I needed him?!). At one point, all the copulation got a little too, er, gross for us and we rushed out--opting to bounce around like children on the trampoline right outside the sweaty pleasure den. Who would've guessed witnessing some gag-worthy adult action would make us yearn to be kids again.

Elise Loeb / Team Cali
With our new friend Morgan at Bubbles & Bass

Making New Friends
Going off the grid at Burning Man means almost absolutely no wi-fi unless you make a really great effort to search for someone with a satellite phone. Without social media getting in the way, making connections with people in the real world is unavoidable. My friends and I met Morgan on the morning of his 30th birthday once again watching the magical sunrise at Robot Heart. How could a man celebrate his dirty 30 in the playa dust without the help of hot girls to keep him company we thought? We took Morgan along with us as we rode the Green Streak Art Cart (a giant bus with a sick DJ inside) back to their Trifucta camp and stumbled our way over to Bubbles and Bass where we celebrated in style with champagne. We explored Black Rock City and fed him birthday shots everywhere we went!

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