The 10 Best Metal Guitarists

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2 Jeff Hanneman-Slayer
Jeff Hanneman, the founding member of Slayer, is a pioneering guitar wizard with an incredible talent for raw speed and aggressive playing. His style with Slayer, as the main song writer (both lyrics and music) is often cited as being the missing link between the savage '80s metal sound, and hardcore punk rock. The influence in his guitar playing is clear: heavy doses of King Diamond, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, all sped up to a maximum level, literally helping to usher in speed metal or thrash, as some might call it.

After suffering from a serious case of the flesh eating bacteria on his arm, that what was likely caused spider bite in early 2011, Hanneman took time off from Slayer to recover, while the band toured on and played shows across the world. Unfortunately, in 2013, Hanneman passed away due to liver failure, in Hemet, California, leaving behind a legacy that will never be forgotten among metal heads and thrashers worldwide. Heavy Metal music will never be the same without the late guitarist, who was responsible for many of Slayer's well known hits, including 'Angel Of Death,' 'War Ensemble,' 'South of Heaven' and many more.

1.Tony Iommi-Black Sabbath
Heavy Metal as a genre didn't exist before Black Sabbath. Most music historians, writers, fans and even many metal band themselves consent that Black Sabbath are indeed at the top of the heavy metal family tree. Guitarist Tony Iommi revolutionized a new form of rock music, with a dark, dreamy and thick riff based approach to rock and blues, described as 'heavy' for a powerful thunderous sound, and a lasting impact it on listeners.

Iommi's ability and talent is highlighted with is work on Black Sabbath's albums with the original line up, which laid down the blueprints for all 'metal' bands to follow, with Iommi looked up to as the music's main architect. What truly gives Iommi an edge above others is his longevity and contribution to creating the style now known as heavy metal music. With a musical career as a guitarist for five decades, his riffs, power chords and one-of-a-kind solos still captivate audiences to this day, and despite the fact that he is in his 60s, and was recently treated for Lymphoma, Black Sabbath are still at it hard, backed by Iommi's iconic guitar playing. The band is currently on tour (minus original drummer Bill Ward), promoting a new studio album, entitled 13.

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