The 10 Best Metal Guitarists

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4.Jesse Pintado -Terrorizer, Napalm Death, Resistant Culture
It is said that this extreme metal guitarist for coined the term 'grind core' to describe a mix of chaos, death metal, chaos, noise and punk. It was a scene in which Pintado's band; Terrorizer came up in, along side bands such as Napalm Death and Repulsion. Based out of Los Angeles, Terrorizer's debut album, World Down Fall was released in 1989, and has since been described as a seminal album for any extreme metal fan, and a grind classic. This intensity of Terrorizer's songs were brought to life, by the buzzing, caustic fury of Pintado's guitar; and made listeners feel the wrath, despair and destruction with the classic World Down Fall album, and even newer efforts, including Darker Days Ahead (2006), and Horde of Zombies (2009).

Sadly, Pintado passed away due to liver failure in Holland, in 2006, just weeks before Darker Days Ahead was about to be released. His death didn't end the band, which continues on to this day, featuring original drummer Pete Sandoval, and bassist David Vincent, from Morbid Angel, as well as Anthony Rezhawk and Katrina Culture(Resistant Culture). To mark the 7th anniversary of his passing, members of Pintado's family are holding a benefit gig, to honor his spirit, and lasting impact on extreme music on September 14 at the Vex in Alhambra. More information can be found at

3.Mick Murphy-My Ruin, Chevy Metal
This talented, mutli instrumentalist and songwriter, for the LA based rock/metal band My Ruin (featuring Murphy's wife of a decade, Tairrie B) is a guitar virtuoso that is one of LA's best-kept secrets in terms of shredders. He is not afraid about being in a now guitar centric rock band, with fuzzy distorted rhythms and riffs as thick as his sideburns. Murphy's talent with a guitar is evident once you seem him live, in often-cathartic performances. His influences are worn on his sleeve and often shirt, and consist of everything from punk, classic rock, hard rock and stoner metal. Murphy's true talent can be heard and seen in My Ruin, where his approach has added more of a old school rock based, doomy, classic metal sound to Mrs. Murphy's lyrics. In a 2009 article, Guitar Player Magazine wrote that Murphy is "One of the most ferocious and creative hard rock guitarists you'll ever hear underground, above ground or bouncing off satellites." Aside from being a song writer and the guitarist of My Ruin, Murphy also lends his guitar playing abilities to the 70s hard rock/metal cover band, Chevy Metal, featuring Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters.

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