The 10 Best Metal Guitarists

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8.Dimebag Darrel- Pantera, Damageplan
Dimebag was an obvious choice on this list. The man is another late GREAT guitar virtuoso iconic player who was in the same league as other guitar greats such as Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads and Ace Frehley. His shredding ability was best displayed with Pantera, and his musicianship was top notch. It was his partying lifestyle and in your face humanity that also made this guitar player shine. Dimebag's playing with Pantera took metal to another level of heaviness, and his riffs added the famous grove that the band became known for. To this day, there aren't many guitarists who can come close to what Dimebag brought to heavy metal music, though many are inspired by the legacy he left.

What is most tragic is how his life was horrifically cut short by a mentally deranged Marine, and Pantera fan, who was also killed in a shocking violent stand off in 2004 at a club in Ohio, while Damageplan was on tour. His senseless death was truly a loss for the entire music world and heavy metal community. Dime was one of the guitar greats, whose spirit will never die among guitarists and metal heads worldwide.

Emperor certainly didn't invent the genre of black metal, but they pioneered it with a new, majestic force to bring in symphonic elements to the music. The band, formed in the early '90s, and with the sorcery of Ihsahn's guitar playing, perfected the art form of Norwegian Black metal.

Ihsahn's unique guitar playing to this day entrances listeners both with Emperor and his solo career. As a revered guitar player, his song structures, and vibe alludes to a musical séance. Very primeval sounding work with the first albums in the Nightside Eclipse (1994) and Anthems From The Wilken At Dusk (1997). His craftsmanship as a guitarist added so many variables, and haunting layers of despair and anguish, listeners can feel each song in their veins when they listen to Emperor.

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