The 10 Best Metal Guitarists

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Andrew Youssef
Tony Iommi
When it comes to heavy metal music and the various sub genres it has spawned, one cannot deny the impending necessity of the most holy of instruments in the metallic equation: the guitar. It is the perfect instrument to capture the essence of the most brutal music ever created and we've got eternal love for the iconic shredders who have mastered it. So, without further delay, we now present our totally subjective list of the 10 Best Metal guitarists.

10. Max Cavalera-Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy
As a guitarist and founding member of the Brazilian thrash metal unit Sepultura, Max Cavalera's guitar playing helped the band rule over the international metal scene. With a primitive, tribal sound and urgent social political message against oppression Cavalera led the band with until his departure in 1996, and formed Soulfly a few years later, which still tours.Cavalera's guitar is instantly recognizable, for its roots in thrash and hardcore punk, but also it's very groovy hooks.

9.Alex Skolnick-Testament, The Alex Skolnick Trio
This guitar virtuoso, speed metal axe man rose to fame and is most known by thrashers for his work with bay area veterans, Testament. But some may not know that Skolnick is also a world renowned jazz guitarist and expert, having a career his own Jazz band, The Alex Skolnick Trio, a technical, instrumental Jazz band with subtle hints of rock and throughout its layers of heavy drums and beautifully clean, rapid guitars. Skolnick's speed, mesmerizing solos and utter dominance over the guitar with Testament really bring out thrash metal's epic approach to guitar playing. His best work is on Testament's album, the New Order, which many claim is a good rival album to Slayer's Reign in Blood but often over looked because it is not as fast.

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