OC Death Fest - Mirror Image Studios - September 28, 2013

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Alex Distefano
Cattle Decapitation
OC Death Fest
Mirror Image Studios

To celebrate OC's underground extreme metal scene, the OC Deathfest took place on Saturday, in an otherwise quiet industrial corner of Anaheim between the 91 and 57 Freeways at Mirror Image studios.

In what was a day (and evening) devoted to all things death metal, the venue had a small crowd consistently throughout, but the center room where bands played wasn't fully packed, until the final two bands performed, Disgorge and headliner Cattle Decapitation, both from San Diego.

Even though the festival began crazy early at 2:30 p.m., Cattle Decapitation took the stage just before midnight, and almost immediately fans began to pour in from outside. Vocalist Travis Ryan had the face of a rabid attack dog while on stage, and sung in a consistent misanthropic and excruciating tone. He can switch from deep guttural growls to high pitch shrieks in an instant, making the perfect inhuman, and often-unintelligible intensity within the music, the band is known for.

With short, spastic songs, and a violent bloody motif of animal cruelty, the reality of the meat industry, gore and an overall disgust for humanity, the band has always stayed true to underground metal scene with strong work ethic, and almost non-stop touring cycles in between albums. With over six full-length albums, the band has toured the world. Cattle Decapitation never disappoints when it comes to speed, brutality and technicality in their live shows.

With guitarist Josh Elmore, drummer Dave McGraw, and bass player Derek Engemann, Cattle Decapitation buzzed through a selection of songs from their latest album, Monolith of Inhumanity, as well as tunes from older albums such as To Serve Man, Humanure, And The Harvest Floor and even earlier collections such as the Human Jerky EP. By the time the band was halfway done with its set, fans were not only moshing but also stage diving into the pit.

Prior to Cattle Decapitation, a band that is revered among true underground fans of extreme music as one of the most brutal death metal bands ever, Disgorge took the stage.

Alex Distefano
Formed in the early '90s, the band's current line up features vocalist Angel Ochoa, bassist Diego Soria, drummer Ricky Myers, and guitarists Diego Sanchez and Ed Talorda. Disgorge the masters of the ultra old school death metal sound, with relentless, break neck speed and ferocious riffs, but also heavy as hell grooves interspersed throughout each song.

The metal heads in Anaheim got to experience a myriad of older songs from the Disgorge's early career, as well as newer songs. Fan favorites included "Cranial Impailment," "Atonement" and "Womb Full Of Scabs," among many others. After 45 sweaty minutes of death metal mayhem, banging heads, bashing bodies and almost non-stop blast beats; Disgorge exited the stage leaving fans chanting for more.

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