Check Out These Miley Cyrus Inspired Arts and Crafts

BestCase on etsy.

Online shoppers can relive Miley Cyrus' VMA stunt over and over again. Thank goodness, we were starting to miss her ubiquitous media presence. (Actually, we're really just wondering who buys this crap.)

We lol-ed over BestCase's cell phone case series of Miley twerking against famous art (above). Check out the rest of Etsy's Twerk-fest inspired wares here:

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HayleyHeartbrk on etsy.
This illustrative print by HayleyHeartbrk is appropriately titled "THE TWERKENING".

NailSpin on etsy.

Miley is this fall's must have hue. Nail art decals by NailSpin.

ButcherStencilStore on etsy.
This stencil art piece by ButcherStencilStore would make a funny gag gift, if you're willing to drop $40 on a gag gift.

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