We Went To the Mall and Did Awkward Things with FIDLAR

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Daniel Kohn
For the gentleman of FIDLAR, being awkward can be fun. In fact, their latest split 7-inch with The Orwells is titled actually called "Awkward". In honor of the song, we took the band on a trip to the Americana mall in Glendale (near where FIDLAR is based) to get, well, awkward.

FIDLAR''s antics left more than a few shoppers confused, but hey, isn't a vague and unsettling sense of disorientation what being awkward is all about? Here's what happened:

Daniel Kohn
Sitting next to a sleeping fella outside of Abercrombie & Fitch: If we had to suffer through an evening of shopping at A&F, we'd be exhausted as well. As drummer Max Kuehn and bassist Brandon Schwartzel prove here, people who fall asleep in public shouldn't be surprised if they end up as a prop in an awkward photo.

Daniel Kohn
Trying on a women's dress at a department store: What's more punk than rockin' the clothes of the opposite sex? The brave Schwartzel not only plucked a leopard print dress off the rack, but also then proceeded to ask a non-fluxed dressing room attendant if he could try on said item. When he came out, no one blinked an eye, which made the awkward situation almost normal, which, in a sense, actually made it more awkward.

Daniel Kohn
Wearing lipstick: Not to be outdone, singer Zac Carper got into the act when he put on some bright red lipstick. This happened early in our adventure, and thus left Carper roaming the mall while wearing lipstick. Things got potentially awkward when Carper saw an ex-girlfriend of his. She spotted Carper, but didn't acknowledge him or the lipstick.

Thumbnail image for fidlarawk5_opt.jpg
Daniel Kohn
Lurking in the kid's section: As you can see in the photo above, things got a bit dicey when we got to the children's section of the bookstore. If that image doesn't ruffle you a bit, you're probably a stone cold killer.

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