Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival -- Verizon Wireless Amphitheater -- 9/15/13

Mary Bell
Flight of the Conchords

Funny Or Die's Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival
September 15, 2013
Verizon Amphitheater

Yesterday, comedy nerds herded into the Verizon Amphitheater to check out the outstanding line up of the first ever Funny Or Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival. With a lineup that included Dave Chappelle, Flight of the Conchords and Chris D'elia, it promised to be a night that comedy lovers would never forget. When the gates opened at 5:00pm, the long line --populated by folks from every imaginable walk of life-- filed in and got exactly what they were promised.

The crowd then filed past signs warning they'd be thrown out for taking photos or video, before cruising by $13 beers (just kidding, we stopped for one) and merch booths from the likes of Dish Nation, Marlboro, Twix. There was even a food truck. The show itself began on the "second stage" at 5:15 with Brody Stevens, who absolutely floored the crowd with hysterics.

Stevens chastised the people walking by his performance, pointing out that heading to the mainstage "pointless because there is nothing going on up there...yet." With a down to earth yet cocky vibe, Steven's cracked, "We could do this on the main stage but we want to be here with the people." The people were happy about that, and all the laughter caused more folks to soon crowd around. I just couldn't wait to hear what he'd say next. He was the first comic and a complete highlight. On a side note: it must have been cool to look out from the stage and see a crowd so diverse that it literally looked like the United Colors of Benetton ad, with cultures mixing side by side laughing in unison. Ahhh the magic of comedy.

Following Brody was Brent Morin who delivered an amazing routine and then oddly enough mentioned, "I don't know if I'm even doing okay because I can't hear you guys." He was in fact murdering in a major way. People stopped walking by and soon everyone was packing in to watch the second stage performers do their thing. The comics that followed were Ron Funches, Ian Karmel, Barry Brewer and David Angelo. Everyone did a fantastic job warming up the spectators for the main event, no joke.


Heading into the main arena for some main stage action, we promptly got yelled at for just looking at our phones. Host Jeff Ross hit the stage and Irvine went wild for the Roastmaster General. Ross went in on several fans in the front, as the cameras captured them and projected their images on the four screens that adorned the stage. The sold out venue went crazy as Ross picked on a "stoned looking guido" and his girlfriend who was "almost fuckable".

He then broke into a set filled with weed talk, cumming too fast issues and even dropped a Cory Monteith joke that (pun intended) killed. There was a guitar on the stage and just as I wondered who'd be playing it, Ross brought out "special guest" Jesus Christ (aka Kevin Lee Light), who picked up the guitar and sang a song called, "Have a Blessed Fucking Day" that quickly turned into a sing along. What a fantastic way to start the show!

Kristen Schaal (from Flight of the Concords, Daily Show, Wilfred, etc) was brought out by Ross and was so hyped to hit the stage she screamed her love for the city of Irvine so loud that I thought I might go deaf. She then laid down some amazing dick jokes, talked about her love of dancing and even read a "monologue" about her taint. Yes. Her taint. (It was, in a word, taintastic.) Just as she was about to leave, Schaal ripped her dress off to reveal a leotard she had on underneath. "What a Feeling" from Flashdance began playing, and she danced around the stage like a maniac. It was priceless. She even had a chair in which she leaned back in and had water dumped repeatedly on her head just like Irene Cara in the movie. Her performance (both the stand-up and the dancing) was phenomenal.

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