Bruno Mars Fan Art You Really Must Own

FullOfLifeArtistry on etsy.
Bruno Mars has spread faster as the flu virus and he's going to be here awhile. Since there isn't a vaccine for his music, you might as well purchase some fan art. We found some cool Bruno products on Etsy.

This print of an original drawing by FullOfLifeArtistry (above) looks just like the real deal!

Sinarshop on etsy.

You won't find Bruno Mars Fleece Blankets being sold on the side of the road. (Well, maybe in Oxnard). Snuggle up with this Bruno Blanket by Sinarshop.

WallStickersExtra on etsy.

Possibly the most un-motivational quotation to hang above your bed. Wall decals by WallStickersExtra.

essenceofus on etsy.

What's better than one Bruno Mars? Three Bruno Marses. This is a print of an original drawing by essenceofus on etsy.

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