Top Five Most Expensive Band T-Shirts Listed on Etsy

First, consider yourself lucky If you own one of the following t-shirts; then consider listing it on Etsy. These sellers are hoping to fetch up to $3,200 for their rare band tees. Would you pay that price to own one a piece of tour history?

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#5 Vintage 1985 Husker Du Tour Tee Shirt: $1,000.00 

rainbowgasoline on etsy.

Vintage 1970s Johnny Rotten Sex Pistols Tee Shirt: $1,200.00

ThriftedIsabelle on etsy.

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Vintage 1971 Allman Brothers Band Silkscreened Tee Shirt: $1,200.00

SouthernVisionary on etsy.

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Linda Kite
Linda Kite

maybe one day i can pay off the mortgage (if i tell them who wore the xl)

Chris J Caroselli
Chris J Caroselli

Those are just the asking prices and almost never reflects the actual value because it''s only worth what somebody is willing to pay. I sell a lot of stuff on ebay, including the occasional old band shirt, and the prices always have to drop a dozen times before finding a buyer.

Greg Cameron
Greg Cameron

The bands on the tour were Hüsker Du¨, Meat Puppets, Minutemen, Saccharine Trust, & SWA.

Greg Cameron
Greg Cameron

That Pettibon art was used on SST's "The Tour" shirt from 1985. It was the back. The front was the same hippie naked & on the front of the sign it said "Grass, gas, or acid for a trip to The Tour." I was on that tour and we all got a shirt. Wish I still had it but it was worn out within a few years and fell apart.

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