The Worst of FYF 2013

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Kelsee Becker
For the most part, we had a pretty great time at FYF Fest this year! Still, some of the bands kind of sucked it up -- and there were some logistical and fashion-oriented problems as well. So let's complain!

Kelsee Becker
It's nice to feel safe and protected at a festival, but security at FYF was intense. Guards on staff asked to check our ID twice while we were lounging on the lawn in the designated drinking area. Even after we showed them the wristbands that said we were of age! Security was also incredibly strict about keeping beverages in or out of certain areas. We understand them monitoring the alcohol, but the fact that we were forced to either empty or chug water bottles we purchased on site was ridiculous. (Max Bell)

Kelsee Becker
Ty Segall
Ty Segall Turns It Down
I really want to like Ty Segall. I've since gotten over our weird interview, and wanted him to jar my fillings loose with an onslaught of fuzzed-out riffage. The afternoon sun was getting behind the stages and it was time to party... and dude brought an unplugged set. Acoustic guitars playing power chords. It came off as flat and un-dynamic. A premature move by the budding garage-rock prodigy; perhaps in a few more years he can pull out a Cobain set and rock it all his own. But not this year. Ty, you're confusing the kids. Turn it up. (Adam Lovinus)

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