The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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The Adolescents--See Friday
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Monday, August 19

Gardener's Logic
The Constellation Room
Perfectly in sync with headliner Stacy Clark is another acoustic indie act presenting strong vocals and carefully orchestrated productions. Gardeners Logic have been gaining momentum here in Orange County in the last few months with a Detroit Bar residency in April, their first EP and a tour. There's a cheery atmosphere even in their most melancholy tunes, characterized by upbeat acoustic chords and booming drums matched by belting vocals and electric guitar. This band somehow has found the perfect way to balance country flavorings and indie rock together in amazing harmony. Catch them tonight at the Constellation Room during Stacy Clark's residency with Some Gifts and Grizfolk. (Aimee Murillo)

The Continental Room
San Pedro's all-girl trio Bombon drag surf from the shoreline to the subterranean punk underworld--this is fast, fun, nasty rock & roll, just like the kind the 5-6-7-8s or the Trashwomen rode to international fame. The oceans the girls in Bombon must be thinking of are filled with sharks and shipwrecks, and the rhythm of the tide doesn't kick in until someone shouts out a Dee Dee Ramone-style "1-2-3-4!" This week, Burger Records presents the band at the Continental Room along with South Bay Surfers and Habibi. (Chris Ziegler)

Tuesday, August 20

The Polyphonic Spree
The Observatory
The Polyphonic Spree are weird. They'd admit it, and one look at any of their videos or concert footage might scare the bejeezus out of average indie music lovers. Evoking flashbacks of Jim Jones and his Kool-Aid kooks spliced together with visions of Godspell, just about every PS video on YouTube has one post asking, "is this a cult?" Probably. It's unnerving, to be sure, to hear Nirvana's "Lithium" played like a praise-be-the-day Psalm, and lead singer Tim DeLaughter really can't sing. Still, there's something so bizarre about the group (and rather melodic) that they have no problem sucking in a certain segment of society (who helped them raise 100K on Kickstarter last year to fund a new album and DVD). If you haven't experienced them, now's your chance. Just be sure you leave a contact number at home for your mom, and be leery of anyone measuring you for a robe.
(SR Davies)

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