Six DJs That Surprisingly Came Out Of Chapman University

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Nalepa--VJ, producer, DJ, former Chapman professor
By: Rishabh Bhavnani
For the four years I attended Chapman University, I observed that there was a spark in the social but never really substantiated to the likes of a USC or UCSB event --mostly due to the archaic noise restrictions in the city of Orange. According to the city's public noise ordinance, loud parties consisting of eight people or more are prohibited after 10 p.m. When you have a house packed with 50-70 students partying on a Saturday night, just as you start heating up in that game of beer pong, OCPD parks their car outside your front door. Sure, we'll all quiet down hoping that they'll go away but who are we kidding?! That never works! Parties are shut down early and college events feel like high school parties.

What most people don't realize is whilst the university has a fair bit of attention towards their film and business programs, Chapman is an unexplored hub for electronic music production talent and tastemakers. A number of successful music acts that pack bars, clubs and arenas are all affiliated with Chapman-- kind of an unusual considering the restrictions imposed on students in their college years right? It's almost like their way of rebelling against all these norms, through dance music. So while the rest of the world capitalizes on the electronic music phenomenon and these individuals' cutting-edge talent, the city of Orange is enjoying early bird dinner specials at Watson's.

In honor of Chapman's stifled party culture, the Weekly compiled a list of respected EDM rebels to emerge from the home of the Panthers.

1. Sex Panther
Sex Panther is a raging, bottle popping, party animal machine started by Ryan Fontana--a name that is well known on campus. It's no secret that Fontana and his partner Aaron Cool's DJ sets have sold out shows in US & Asia, even rocking Coachella's Heineken Dome this year. The Sex Panther name epitomizes a high-octane party with inventive showmanship on Fontana and Cool's part. Sex Panther will be venturing into production territory when they release their anticipated debut single, "Right Now" with Brian Matrix featuring the vocals of Pat Monahan on Techibeats Records out Aug. 26. Say, is that moniker an homage to Pete the Panther?



The DJ born Dayvid Sherman is your regular "Rugrats" enthusiast, yoga loving, all-around, nice guy. Put him on a stage at one of the biggest festivals in America and he cranks his BPM levels to the max. His trapstyle-inspired set at EDC and consistent flurry of productions have rendered a huge fan base. Dedicated to his craft where he is focused on spreading the crispiness of his bacon beats, Dayvid is also an equally hardworking student. In a previous interview he mentioned, "I always put school first and finish all of my homework by day, go to work and all and start my music late at night around midnight. I prefer working late at night into the morning; however if I have an early class the next day I have to stop by a certain time to have some sleep." Check out his most bacon inspired song yet below.

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