Patton Oswalt's Great Twitter Prank Over the Weekend

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Gotcha suckas!
On Saturday, Patton Oswalt's Twitter feed sparked outrage from simpletons and big laughs to just about everyone else following him. The clever comic/actor sent a slew of tweets that, when taken out of context, make it seem like Oswalt had crossed the line from funny into complete insanity that compelled plenty of threatening messages to be hurled at him by people not paying close enough attention. To that all we can say is, don't you feel dumb about not catching on to the joke? In reality when you piece them together and read it in order, it's simply this comic doing some amazing trolling while hitting some hot topics out there in the world today. Well played Patton. Well fucking played. (Insert slow clap here)

We've put them in order so the non-joke getters can calm down and get the joke.




On Sunday, he also added a shout out the inspiration behind this well played gag. Bravo guys.


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