KISS Will Own A Football Team in Anaheim: This is Not a Joke

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Andrew Youssef
Just when you think KISS had done everything it could to sell out, well, you were wrong. The glam rockers have lent their name, and their money, to a new cause: an Arena Football League team. Yes, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and company are the proud owners of an Arena Football League squad that be calling Anaheim home and will be playing its games at none other than the Honda Center. Want to know what's worse? The team isn't Anaheim. No, No. They're called the LA KISS. What can we say, this is one arena they might have trouble filling.

For a band that's licensed its name to literally anything imaginable (cough, casket, cough), this shouldn't be too much of a surprise.

``What we want to see happen is to take the excitement that is AFL football and bring entertainment to it too,'' Paul Stanley, the group's guitarist, said a news conference in Orlando, Fla., site of the league's championship game, Arena Bowl XXVI.

A limited number of season tickets for the nine-game home schedule priced at $99 went on sale today. All inaugural season ticket holders will be invited to a free KISS concert to be held at Honda Center in 2014.

The band's foray into AFL ownership, as wonky as it sounds, isn't the first time a rocker has thrown his money into a team in this league. That honor goes to Jon Bon Jovi with the Philadelphia Soul.

But the bigger question is this: has KISS met a marketing opportunity it didn't like? What are the promotional nights going to be: free KISS t-shirts for the first 5,000 in attendance? Or how about free KISS action figures with you favorite band member in football swag? Will the cheerleaders dress like the cover of Love Gun? Whenever they get a safety, will they play "Deuce"?

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