Jim Norton Says Stop Being So Selective About Your Outrage

You can get your "howl" on by listening to Jim Norton five days a week on The Opie & Anthony Show but when you want to hear straight up comedic brilliance in a thought provoking, brutally honest, and a generally filthy way, you just have to catch Jimmy at his best which is when he's on the stage. This Friday on EPIX, the premiere of his newest special, Jim Norton: American Degenerate, delivers a highly hilarious opinionated and observational hour filled with topics we can all relate to in some way or another (even if we feel too sick and ashamed to admit it). Before the kickoff of American Degenerate, we talked to Jim about the special, got his thoughts on the state of the media, and picked his troubled brain to find out why he thinks society today is so fucked up.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I saw the special and obviously, I loved it. The intro is amazing too with Michael K. Williams and Kenny. Sooo funny! How'd the pitch go when you told the network about it?

Jim Norton: Well thank you! Michael licked my head on his own and the ass slap was his idea too! But yeah, Kenny was Emmy-worthy. What a wonderful and marvelous talent Kenny is. In all honestly, EPIX at first was a little hesitant to do it because they thought it was kind of a rape visual. I was like, let me just do it and show the audience because we don't show rape or anything. It's just him standing over me. When the crowd reacted the way they did, EPIX was cool about it. Of course at first they were a little nervous about it because it implies visual ass fucking so...you know.

All of your intros have been really edgy but it's cool that EPIX trusts comics and gives them the freedom to be creative.

They really are great and they allow us to do so much. I'm just very happy to do something with them again. Right now, they're the only people I'd ever want to do a special with. I just wanted to put the intro out there so people will want to watch it and hopefully they'll like it. The special is very honest because I'm expressing my opinions and overall, I hope that people will think it is funny. I think it's pretty good so I just hope people enjoy it.

I think everyone will relate to a lot of it but do you think that there'll be some people looking to complain about some of the things that you say?

I don't think there's anything in there that they can get because I explain most of my points really well. I'm talking about the school shootings but, I'm using it as a way to attack the media for being pigs. I use the idea of rape jokes as a way to point out how phony people are for getting upset. I use them as a way to attack the press for being inconsistent and self-serving so, I don't think there'll be any problems.

Is there anything that someone could say to you that you'd legitimately be offended by?

Of course! It's normally a visual thing or something personal. Right after 9/11 I read that some professor had said something about comparing the people jumping from the buildings to little Germans or Nazi's or something. I was very offended by that. I've read many things I've been offended by. The difference is, I don't want people to be penalized for offending. I understand that me being offended is tough shit on me.

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