Douchebag Cab Driver Steals Jameson Burt's Guitar and Amplifier

Courtesy Jameson Burt
The guitar in question
Jameson Burt is known around these parts for his soulful tunes, meloncholly wail and being very, very tall. Sadly, the blues rock musician and former guitarist of Echo Echo, has been the talk of the local music scene for something besides his extreme talent lately.

Jameson had his 1954 Gibson ES 125 guitar, 1970s Fender Princeton amplifier along with a few pedals and cables stolen from him from a "bandit cab" in Los Angeles in the wee hours of the morning on July 31. He has since taken to social media, asking friends and fans to be on the look out for his gear, should it show up on Craigslist, at a pawn shop, anywhere.

We spoke with Jameson via email and he gave us the details of what happened that morning.

He performed at 3 Clubs in Hollywood on July 30. He got in a cab from the "Independent Cab Co" of Los Angeles with some friends at about 1:30 A.M. on July 31. They were dropped off at Fred 62 diner in Los Feliz. He left the guitar and amp in the trunk and the driver didn't remind him and drove off with them.

"But turns out the driver was not registered or licensed by the company," Jameson said. "A 'bandit' driver operating illegally, and therefore untraceable." (Coincidentally, I just wrote a cover story last week about the dangers of bandit cabs and shady cabbies, which you can read more about here. Shoulda called Ace!)

Jameson has placed a police report and reviewed nearby surveillance tapes, so far to no avail. For now, he's "trying to spread the word any way I can," and so is the local music community.

Jameson details for the Weekly what he lost:

1954 Gibson ES 125. Vintage hollow-body electric guitar. Tobacco sunburst (finish). Chrome P90 pickup. Missing tone knob. Tuning keys are not the original ones. Bought this from Buffalo Brothers Guitars in Carlsbad in 2007. My baby.

1970s Fender Princeton amplifier. Silverface. Tremolo. No reverb. Black tolex in decent condition but some tears and scratches. (Also had a tuner pedal and Holy Grail pedal as well as some cables in the back at the time it was taken.)

If you have any leads, please contact Jameson via email at jamesonmakesmusic [at]

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daveconrey 1 Like

Wait, so the guy leaves that kind of gear in the back of a cab and you blame the cab driver? Makes perfect sense for your magazine. God forbid anyone have any personal responsibility. It sucks he lost his gear, but let's be clear; he LOST it. If the cab driver took it and then sold it, then yes, he's a dick, but Jameson is just a culpable here.  

BJ  Cochran
BJ Cochran 2 Like

Title should read... "Douchebag musician leaves his gear in cab." Anyone who gets in a cab is responsible for all their belongings. Especially if you own something valuable. It sucks, but it is no more the cab drivers responsibility to remind the person then the person remembering themselves. Especially if you have friends with you that know what your gear is worth. He is not a victim here as the title reads. Just an irresponsible musician.

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