Is Mac Miller Turning Into An Allman Brother?

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Two years ago, a 19-year-old Mac Miller embarked on his first tour, which spanned the United States, with 27 shows stemming from the acclaim of his mixtape K.I.D.S. Two studio albums, a TV show and a record label later, Mac, now 21, is on the Space Migration Tour, as his fans immerse themselves in his newest LP, Watching Movies With the Sound Off. The new album showcases his evolution from an adolescent who capered in tracks such as "Donald Trump" to a refined, more introspective state.

A couple of weeks ago, Miller took the stage at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom and set the virtual world ablaze with hashtags and hysterics that had to be crammed into 140 characters. Word on the tweets is that Miller's new show--with live instrumentation from Odd Future--is a spectacular sight to see.

But what exactly is there to be known about Miller--and his producer alter ego Larry Fisherman? What sets him apart from his younger self?

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OC Weekly (Nick Nuk'em): You've been on nationwide tours, what, four times now? What's one thing you make sure to do when getting to other places?
Mac Miller: It's different every time. I'm starting to explore where I am now. I used to sit my ass on the bus and just hide.

What music are you bumping on the bus?
[Odd Future's] Earl is here. So, [his new album] Doris and everyone else's music is on the bus.

Watching Movies With the Sound Off has sold 148,000 copies as of last week, but it sounds much different from your 2011 debut, Blue Slide Park. Did you make this album for your fans or for yourself in hopes that fans could understand you more?
It's more for myself, whether the fans like it or not. Last time, we set out for a big first week in sales. This one is more laid back; I think it'll sell more than Blue Slide Park in the long run.

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