Top Five Acts We Saw at HARD Summer

Fabian Ortiz / OC Weekly
HARD Summer 2013

Now that we've finally recovered from our massive hangovers (and some serious dust winds) we've broken down the hottest acts of LA's biggest summer electronic music festival. An estimated 70,000 EDM fans flooded Chinatown and the Los Angeles State Historic Park for the sixth annual edition of HARD Summer. They came out in full force dressed to the nines with shirts, tattoos, logos and any other paraphernalia which idolizes their favorite artists. Yes the girls were adorned in little to no clothing with go-go like attire which includes flufflies and the tiniest bikini ever. Get over it already, it's part of the rave culture and as much as the HARD brand and their new Live Nation partners want to stem away from it, these are the fans from old generations to new who have helped cultivate the scene and pushed it to the forefront of mainstream music.

For every "raver" there were just as many hipsters, married couples, VIP bottle service types, bros and who ever else wanted to immerse themselves in the music that spreads far beyond the realms of the untz untz untz you hear on KIIS-FM. That's what makes EDM events unique and has had people of all walks of life enjoying them for decades. Despite the tragic death of one festival goer who fell into cardiac arrest on Saturday, the fest itself has managed to improv a lot from years passed. They also added carnival rides and bumped-up the production a bit as the brand is only continuing to grow and get better every year. So kudos Gary Richards, the festival founder. Instead of bitching about what we didn't like, we thought why not highlight some of the killer acts of the weekend. After all isn't it all about the music? (at least it used to be)

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Fabian Ortiz / OC Weekly
Claude VonStroke

5. Claude VonStroke

On Sunday Dirtybird Records took the Underground Stage (as opposed to Coachella like we had predicted) with two hour to 90 minute sets. LA's Justin Jay, French Fries, J. Phlip, Breach (creator of the hit "Jack"), Eats Everything, Justin Martin and of course VonStroke were on tap for some bass thumbing goodness to help close out the fest. "Just because I sign a record doesn't really make them in the crew," shares VonStroke of his exclusive posse. "You have to do a few records, have the right attitude about life and fit in." Just like this elusive artist, the Dirtybird fans share a similar mindset as they sing along to lyrics like "make that booty clap" and party harder than some of dubstep's most notorious revelers. VonStroke's two-hour set was no exception; straying away from trends and sticking true to the Dirtybird vibe. The boss man laid it down properly for the deep house and tech house lovers.

Marcus Villers /

4. Gesaffelstein

Though the shitty sound system and early time slot didn't do the king of dark techno justice, his seductive mix of electronica and minimal sounds were like pure sex on a stick. As he chain smoked on stage the French producer had the small (for main stage numbers) crowd dancing in a trance the entire time as he dropped his hits like "Control Movement" and latest single "Pursuit." Did we hear snippets from his debut album on EMI Music France slated to be released in October? Who knows, but his live performance was a breath of fresh air at the HARD Stage. We just wish it was dark out so we could get freaky on the dance floor and lost with the futuristic visuals. Always bringing that dark tech dance music sound we can't wait for the Bromance Tour to come to LA with his partner in crime, Brodinski.

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