Five Songs to Make You Wish Elvis Was Still Alive

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Ryan Ritchie
The King's Graceland grave
Today, sadly, we commemorate the loss of the greatest human being ever to walk the planet. No, it's not Christmas and I'm not talking Jesus -- I mean Elvis Aaron Presley, who passed away Aug. 16, 1977.

Sure, Elvis didn't invent rock 'n' roll -- Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Chicago blues artists and Louis Jordan combined to do that -- but he definitely changed the genre and damn near perfected it -- all while looking cooler than an Alaskan ice chest. Had it not been for those darn "natural causes," perhaps the King would still be with us today, a spry 78-year-old singer performing three shows a night in Vegas while doing damage to every buffet on the Strip. Unfortunately, Elvis is dead and we're stuck with Wayne Newtown, but we can watch the King on YouTube and pretend he's still with us, which is almost as good, right?


Here then are five videos to make us want to hurry up and get to heaven so we can see the greatest pompadour ever walk on stage to "See See Rider."

5. Bossa Nova Baby
Why don't venues like this exist anymore? And why can't we find singers who can sing, dance and play an organ standing up while tapping their toes? While there might not be good answers to those questions, at least we've got this video (taken from the amazingly awesome Fun in Acapulco) to show us how vaguely-Latin pop songs should look and sound.

4. Great Head
What? You think Led Zeppelin invented groupies? Or that Elvis couldn't have possibly been raging because your grandma loves him? Well, think again because this video proves the King was partying harder than Amanda Bynes at her neighbors' house.

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