The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

Friday, August 30

The Observatory

Since the band's formation in 2007, they've been writing and touring relentlessly. Everest put out two albums on Warner Bros., but it wasn't the right fit. Despite having the support of their day-to-day people, Everest ultimately parted ways with the label, which for whatever reason couldn't put the band in the position to succeed. For the unfamiliar, the band's sound fuses alternative, folk and straight-forward rock. Judging by the ingredients of the band's songs, Everest at minimum, should at least be an alt-country or alt-folk favorite, especially on the strength of Ownerless, their well received third album released in 2012 via ATO Records.  (Daniel Kohn)

Saturday, August 31
Enanitos Verdes
House of Blues Anaheim
Enanitos Verdes are a band that cultivated the roots of the rock en español, a movement that started in the early 80's and
continues to grow. Their music is a blend of melancholy and outrage.
Songs such as "lamento boliviano" (Bolivian lament) and "tu carcel"
(your jail) are anthemic melodies amongst the hardcore rockeros and even
the stuck up fresas, so pair their music with a cold Corona and you got
yourself a killer duo that will make any macho weep. Enanitos Verdes
will be performing two sold out shows at the House of Blues Anaheim this
Saturday and Sunday as part of the HOB 20th Anniversary celebration.
Bring your loudest voice, your significant other and mucho dinero for
chelas. (Josue Rivas)

Brick to Ya Face's DIY Music & Fashion Fest

The Glass House

The Common Ground nights at Riverside's Vibe are the center of a
ferocious Inland Empire hip-hop (and beyond!) scene, and that's why it
makes perfect sense to name this the DIY fest--if anybody is doing it by
themselves, it's the promoters/bloggers/all-around architects at
BrickToYaFace, the people behind Common Ground who put together this
event with a strong selection of Southern California artists. Some
highlights: headliner Speak used his writing credit for Kreayshawn's
"Gucci Gucci" to reveal his true maniacal self to the world, while
BrickToYaFace's Noa James comes with colossal philosophy and
up-and-comer Curtiss King is/has the unofficial motto of this whole
thing, "You questioning my dedication? I should question your
medication!" (Chris Ziegler)

Pac Div

The Observatory

In the late aughts, the safe money was on L.A.-via-Palmdale trio Pac
Div. They seemed poised to lead the burgeoning "New West" movement --
the pre-Odd Future crop of young rappers seeking to reclaim hip-hop for
the Left Coast. They were the group everyone from industry suits to
bloggers to party people could agree on. Despite a few stumbles, stalls
and a burned contract with Universal, the guys are back on the stage
sporting tracks from their latest release, 2012's GMB. (Rebecca Haithcoat)


Shoreline Jam Session

Every taste of success Pepper have encountered has come with a grain of
salt. Before their riffs hit the mainland's auricular sphere, lead
singer Kaleo Wassman, bassist Brett Bollinger and drummer Yesod Williams
stepped away from bussing tables to play semi-successful gigs on the
Big Island. Unfortunately, it would take a re-issuing of their debut
album, Give'n It, and three years for their debut single to hit after
its initial release for Pepper to arrive. No longer 19 and out of the
sexual peak they were in when the lusty ska title track was recorded in
2001, Pepper are back with a mature flare that still encourages the
horny stoner to phone his booty call for some late-night action. (Nick Nuk'em)

The Entrance Band
 Detroit Bar

For those who've become accustomed to the crowded, sweaty underbelly of
OC/LA's hipster rock scene, chances are you've probably encountered The
Entrance Band before. You're no stranger to their psychedelic savagery,
heavy-handed rhythms and wailing blues. But if you haven't heard of
them, now is the perfect time to get acquainted. Their roster includes
Guy Blakeslee on guitar and vocals, Paz Lenchantin (formerly of A
Perfect Circle) on bass and Derek James on drums.
(Nate Jackson)

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