Eddie Ifft Specializes in Joking About Incredibly Fucked Up Shit

Heidi Ifft
You need the comedy sometimes to break up the pain is what I'm saying.
Dark, dirty, offensive...yeah some might consider comedian Eddie Ifft all of the above, but guess what? He doesn't want to be "tame" and we personally couldn't be more pleased about it. It is after all what makes this man tick and if you are a fan of keeping it real, then you'd love Eddie just as much as we do because he takes that concept to a whole new level. A level of complete awesomeness. As Ifft put it, "I don't want anyone to walk out of a show but if that one person didn't, those other people wouldn't like it!" Chances are when Eddie hits the Brea Improv this Thursday through Sunday, you will be staying and you will like what you hear. If you didn't get the memo, comedy is meant to make you laugh and by the way the crowd roars for Ifft, you can tell that his message is understood loud and clear.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): So I hear you're off to India soon. Are you going to have to switch up any of your act when you go there?

Eddie Ifft: Not really. Well, maybe a little bit if there are American references that they won't get. In the Middle East they're like, don't talk about Islam or you will leave without your head. But India will be fine.

I know you tour all over but, is there anywhere you'd refuse to go do a gig?

Ummm...I think Somalia. There was a comedian who got shot in the face in Somalia so yeah, not there. And it's not like there are many comedy clubs in Somalia like, hey, I'm doing the Chuckle Hut tonight! But apparently, he was this famous comedian in Somalia, he did jokes, walked out of the club, and BOOM! Right in his face.

Good call. I've never even heard about that comic from Somalia! I guess America is too focused on Amanda Bynes and crap like that.

Now there's a girl I didn't even know until she started this. It's proof that in the United States, the more trouble you get in, the better it is for your notoriety. Nobody ever gets known for something like, he saved 4,000 children from going to the gas chambers or he cured epilepsy in African babies. No one would know who that guy is. But you know who the girl is who has a drug and alcohol problem or who threw a party and trashed the hotel. It's always like, whoa! Who's that? America cares way more about the guy who wrecked the train than who built the train.

Well let me give you some notoriety then. I mean, you like to be involved with good causes right? Shout them out!

I wish I was involved with more. I'm open to it whenever people approach me. I'm like, please yes! Anytime I can do some positive stuff I'm into it because I do enough negative shit with my podcast so I might as well! Jim Jefferies and I tried to create a charity once where we'd take disabled people to whorehouse's and get them laid. Apparently it already exists but we really wanted to make it ours.

I feel like even if there is a cause like that, there could always be more.

[Laughs.] I agree. I really want to start a charity that removes skin tags from people's faces and especially from their necks. I'm going to do a Kickstarter to remove all of the skin tags. They're fucking disgusting and they make other people sick.

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