Death at the Gathering of the Juggalos: "Four Dudes That Had Been Sleeping With a Corpse."

Update: Reached by phone on Sunday afternoon, Hardin County coroner Jessica Cullum released the name of the man who died as Cory Collins, 24, of Harrisburg, Illinois, a town about 35 miles northwest of the music festival. Cullum said the cause of death was still pending.

More details about the fatal overdose that took place Friday afternoon at the fourteenth annual Gathering of the Juggalos in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois, have emerged. The deceased was a 24-year-old man, according to the coroner, and a source at the scene says his body was found in a tent alongside four others who were sleeping.

The incident took place near the seminar tent, central on the Gathering grounds. The man who died, whose name has not been released, reportedly came from the direction of the "drug bridge" two to three hours before his body was found, feeling sick, and asked the owner of a large camping tent if he could have a place to sleep for a while, citing "family" (in reference to the Juggalos' sense of community) in his plea. He was granted accommodations alongside four other individuals who were already sleeping.

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When the owner of the tent, who admitted that he had taken mescaline earlier in the day, returned around 2 p.m. to check on the man, he found that the body was cold. He explained that he went to lift the man's arm up (which reportedly displayed track marks) to check his pulse, but when he did so "the guy's whole body came up -- rigor mortis had begun to set in -- and blood came out of his mouth."

Our source explains that the man then frantically began trying to wake his sleeping friends, telling them that there was a dead man in the tent with them. "These are four dudes that had been sleeping with a corpse." His friends initially thought he was joking or playing a prank -- this sort of twisted humor, centered on death, would not be out of place among juggalos.

When our source came upon the scene, the owner of the tent was speaking with security and staff, who were in golf carts. Emphatically, he was saying to them "I want you to know that I had nothing to do with this." He was eager to tell his story to whomever would listen. At this time, the nearby "drug bridge" was still open for business.

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I find it very humorous when people claim that people "sit-up" while dead. I can only say this...I have participated in the active care of over 2000 deceased humans in ALL conditions.  Further, I did my apprenticeship living in a funeral home for 2 years.  I have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER seen a ghost, heard a body, or seen or witness any who could or would sit-up.  It should be noted, that sometimes, while the preparation process is taking place, air may evacuate the lungs but this is often an expected occurrence and brief.  So, leave it to a Juggalo to provide such a story.  Just keeping the record of reasonable facts clear.  FYI...just to clear up any crazy questions....the professional percentage of those who care for the dead, do so in the most respectful way in proxy for the care of the family.  It is a powerful position to hold when you do so from such a caring and respectful place.  Often, those who enter such profession do so because death is an emotion of "loss" one who has experienced any kind of severe loss or such in life understands this and since it is only an emotion those are more understanding of the need for a bridge of understanding.  Just felt I needed to clear this up.


Bigger gamble....unprotected sex in Haiti or the Gathering?


He had track marks....I don't think he died from the acid. Maybe he died from withdrawals? The drug bridge was probably only selling psychedelics. He said he was sick (common withdrawal term) and was probably scared. At least he wasn't alone. Nice of the guys to share the tent. Too bad it ruined their trip.

Sergio Serrano
Sergio Serrano

This is something I would expect from the JW's never from the Juggalos...

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